Discover the R4 Training Track at the 2023 Blue Mountain Summit


Ready to enhance your expertise in Blue Mountain RAM? The R4 Training Track at the upcoming 2023 Blue Mountain Summit is the perfect opportunity to elevate your knowledge and skills. From scheduling best practices to maintenance and calibration management, this track offers insights that will redefine the way you work.

R4 Scheduling Best Practices – Mastering Asset Management

Whether you’re handling maintenance and calibration tasks in-house or outsourcing them, understanding scheduling best practices is key. Collaborate with Blue Mountain experts and fellow R4 users to delve into the nuances of setting up complex asset schedules and due dates. Discover how to create and monitor schedules effectively, ensuring your team stays informed and ready for action.

R4 Work Planning – Strategizing for Success

Effective work planning is the cornerstone of timely and compliant task completion. Learn how to allocate resources, assign tasks, and address shared departmental needs. Uncover strategies that not only streamline work planning but also ensure compliance every step of the way.

R4 Maintenance Management – Empowering Technicians

Step into the shoes of a technician and navigate a maintenance work order using Work Plans and other tools in a situational exercise. This session is designed to improve the technician experience while fostering a culture of compliance for both preventive maintenance and corrective work. Explore how Blue Mountain RAM can revolutionize your maintenance practices.

R4 Calibration Management – Bridging Precision and Practicality

Managing calibrations effectively is paramount in the Life Sciences industry. Gain practical knowledge ranging from handling vendor calibration certificates to executing internal calibrations. Learn from both R4 experts and industry professionals on how to manage calibration processes efficiently, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

R4 Challenges and Q&A – Tackling Industry Hurdles Together

Engage in insightful discussions about real challenges faced by Life Science organizations. Explore diverse approaches to tackle industry issues using your R4 application.

The R4 Training Track at the 2023 Blue Mountain Summit is your gateway to elevating your proficiency in Blue Mountain RAM. Whether you’re looking to refine your scheduling, work planning, maintenance, or calibration management practices, this track provides the insights and strategies you need. Join us at the summit to immerse yourself in the world of Blue Mountain RAM expertise. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, collaborate, and transform your professional journey.

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