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Blue Mountain RAM

In one seamlessly integrated system, you can leverage world-class calibration and maintenance management, all while ensuring GMP compliance. Designed for the Life Sciences industry, Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager® (Blue Mountain RAM) features built-in best practices and combines the capabilities of a EAM, CMMS, and CCMS.

Blue Mountain RAM Software Interface

A single solution to confidently achieve compliance and productivity.

GMP Asset Management

Manage the complete lifecycle of your assets. Blue Mountain RAM's integrated functionality provides consistency for automated processes, document storage, and audit trails for each piece of the asset lifecycle.

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GMP Maintenance

Streamline maintenance operations and increase equipment reliability. Blue Mountain RAM streamlines maintenance functions by combining traditional CMMS elements with robust workflow automation and electronic signatures.

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GMP Cloud

Leverage our highly available cloud infrastructure designed for GMPs. Blue Mountain RAM Cloud eliminates the need for upfront investment in software licenses and hardware, and ensures disaster recovery with geo-redundant backups.

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GMP Calibration

Utilize best-in-class calibration management functionality. Blue Mountain RAM automates and streamlines calibration processes to help you make better decisions related to process tolerances and calibration intervals.

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Achieve GMP compliance and maximize profitability with Blue Mountain.

Our industry-leading software was designed for the Life Sciences. We're here to help you manage the complete lifecycle of your assets and put best practices in place.

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