Maintenance Solutions

Streamline maintenance operations and increase your equipment reliability with Blue Mountain's maintenance management software

Blue Mountain RAM streamlines maintenance functions by combining traditional CMMS elements, such as equipment inventory, work management, purchasing, labor, and spare parts, with robust workflow automation and electronic signatures. Blue Mountain RAM's work management automation, flexible electronic work plans, and integrated spare parts management features are among the many maintenance management software features offered.

Blue Mountain Maintenance Management Software

Manage maintenance with confidence with our maintenance management software

Blue Mountain RAM's built-in best practices support Maintenance Excellence programs.

  • Improve manufacturing process and equipment reliability
  • Increase GMP compliance and productivity
  • Transition from corrective to preventive maintenance
  • Implement Condition Based Monitoring
  • Enable Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Robust framework for Total Productive Maintenance

Automate Maintenance Management

Business process workflows automatically route work requests for approval, generate new work orders, and notify technicians of upcoming work.

Eliminate Paper

Electronic requests and work orders capture SOPs, manuals, equipment images, and other critical asset information. Flexible electronic work plans detail step-by-step tasks for performing work and capture acceptance criteria when needed, all of which can be completed on the facility floor.

Streamline Scheduling & Planning

Workflow Automation simplifies the creation of events for both schedule-based planned work and on-demand corrective work that comes into the system as a request. Planned work is configured to meet your SOPs, business rules, and GxP requirements.

Technologist with protective mask and hairnet standing at factory production line. Food or beverage processing factory.

Achieve GMP compliance and maximize profitability with Blue Mountain RAM.

Our industry-leading software was designed for the Life Sciences. We're here to help you manage the complete lifecycle of your assets and put best practices in place.

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