Asset Management Software for Biotech

Onboard new facilities & scale manufacturing

Share information globally across facilities, analyze performance, and easily bring new facilities online for your biotech company. Replicating systems across facilities, and rapidly adding new assets can all be simplified and streamlined with Blue Mountain RAM. Asset Enrollment and Add Similar are robust functionality for onboarding new equipment and instruments – providing a streamlined means of bringing new equipment into the system.

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Manage complex processes

Overcome the many logistical challenges of tracking and documenting complex manufacturing processes. Change Requests functionality helps manage process change, such as tracking equipment change, settings, and parameters. Electronic Work Plans provide detailed step-by-step tasks for performing work and feature the ability to record acceptance criteria and daily steps.

On demand business intelligence

Blue Mountain RAM features robust, on demand business intelligence for your biotech company. Gain in-depth visibility into assets, manufacturing processes, and all facilities across the enterprise. Improve control of compliance across organizations and get the greatest return on investment.

Blue Mountain Business Intelligence

Everything you need to bring safe & effective therapies to market

Blue Mountain RAM gives you the necessary tools for mastering maintenance and calibration management of GMP equipment.

Electronic Records

Centrally track critical asset information such as asset information, work performed, and equipment status in a GMP environment.

Part 11 Workflow Automation

Automatically route work requests for approval, generate new work orders, and notify technicians of upcoming work, while complying with 21 CFR Part 11.

Robust Audit Trails

Permanently capture old and new values, audit reason, date and time, and the name of the user making changes.

Electronic Work Plans

Provide technicians necessary SOPs with detailed step-by-step tasks and the ability to record acceptance criteria to ensure productivity and compliance.

Add Similar and Asset Enrollment

Built-in functionality streamlines the addition of new equipment and instruments into the system.

Storeroom Management

Storeroom functionality manages spare parts, re-order parts, and tracks like-for-like parts.

Measurement Data

Sophisticated measurement data collection capabilities saves technicians time and ensures accuracy.

Out Of Tolerance

Automatically trigger Out of Tolerance notifications when they arise – ensuring the results are not overlooked.

Standards Management

Automatically provide a warning or lock down standards that are out of calibration or overdue for calibration.

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Get up and running quickly

Rapidly implement Blue Mountain RAM by leveraging industry best practices. Blue Mountain RAM’s Cloud eliminates the need for upfront investment in software, licenses, and hardware while providing a robust & highly available enterprise asset management solution built to support Biotech companies.

Productivity-focused interface

Blue Mountain RAM's productivity-focused interface is easy to use and enables fast adoption for new users. A responsive design for any screen size enables quick access to records and pertinent information. The software drives productivity by providing tools to streamline work execution.

Blue Mountain System
Blue Mountain Complex Processes

Reach desired speed to market

Rapidly move therapies through the pipeline while meeting regulatory compliance with software that ensures GMP compliance and drives asset reliability and technician productivity. Blue Mountain RAM’s core functionality enables companies to efficiently manage asset life cycles, while providing the necessary tools to be GMP compliant and achieve data integrity.

Achieve GMP compliance and maximize profitability with Blue Mountain.

Our industry-leading software was designed for the Life Sciences. We're here to help you manage the complete lifecycle of your assets and put best practices in place.

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