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Managing calibration is a complex and critical process for every Life Sciences manufacturer.

Bringing together the skills, training, instrumentation, standards and measurement data you need to accomplish your job is critical.

Your calibration processes need to be automated, streamlined and reliable. And, they should help you make better decisions related to process tolerances, calibration intervals and proper instrument application.

No one in the Life Sciences industry is better suited to meet your calibration management requirements than Blue Mountain Quality Resources® . We set the pace for GMP compliance in 1992 when we introduced Calibration Manager. With the introduction of Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager®  (Blue Mountain RAM), our best-in-class functionality is now integrated into a system that’s highly configurable, flexible, easy to use and cost effective.

Implementing Blue Mountain RAM allows you to create an entirely new program or optimize your existing one. In the end, you’ll put industry best practices in place and meet your specific GMP calibration requirements. From a calibration perspective, Blue Mountain RAM offers:

  • Increased productivity with paperless calibrations
  • Increased workflow with configurable work rules
  • Increased compliance through automation of routine tasks
  • Functionality proven by thousands of users
  • Project assessment, configuration, validation and training
  • Fast return on investment
Perform Paperless Calibrations

Blue Mountain RAM features reusable measurement data templates, built-in measurement uncertainty calculators, and multi-level tolerances.


Leverage Sophisticated Standards Management

Standards are tracked on calibration work and can be shared globally across facilities in your organization.


Automate Out of Tolerance and Failure Notifications

Notifications and state changes are triggered for equipment that fails calibration work. Follow ups with corrective action are also automated.


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Measurement Data

Sophisticated measurement data collection capability – such as built-in measurement data calculations and As Found/As Left – saves technician time and ensures accuracy.

Out of Tolerance

Automatically trigger Out of Tolerance notifications when they arise – ensuring the results are not overlooked.

Standards Management

Automatically provide a warning or lock down standards that are out of calibration, overdue for calibration, or do not have sufficient accuracy to calibrate a specific instrument.

Reverse Traceability

Quickly and easily view instruments impacted by a specific standard during a period of time.