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Validation To Meet Compliance Requirements

We understand the time and resources a validation of an enterprise asset management system takes on your organization.

It is a major consideration when beginning the process of reviewing and purchasing a calibration and maintenance solution. You want the entire process to be completed quickly and properly so you can begin reaping the benefits of the new system.

Blue Mountain’s validation service can help your company get through the Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager® (Blue Mountain RAM) validation process quickly and meet compliance requirements. Our Software Implementation Analysts work under the supervision of your validation and/or IT departments to ensure best practices are being followed, as well as fulfilling internal requirements. With validation assistance, you can eliminate the time required to develop internal test scripts, free personnel to validate other essential systems and implement Blue Mountain RAM quickly.

Our Validation Assistance can include:

  • Installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ): Make sure that the installation is completed according to written and pre-approved specifications and document the system’s actual operational functioning versus specification.
  • Performance qualification (PQ) script generation and execution: We work with you to develop the scripts or testing procedures to document that the system performs as required in actual working environments and conditions.
  • User Requirement Specification (URS) Generation: If you haven’t developed one already, we can help you write this document that describes the required functionality from the system. It should establish what the product needs to do.
  • Gap analysis between URS and Functional Requirement (FR): Examination of the gap between what you need (URS) and what the current software can provide (the Functional Requirement). We help you determine how to use the software to satisfy your needs in the most efficient manner.

Many of our implementation options include pre-executed validation documents. 

The result is a well-defined, documented and organized validation that meets compliance requirements.

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