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We know that implementing an enterprise asset management solution on your own can be a daunting and overwhelming task.

First, there is the unfamiliarity with the software. Second, an implementation takes time and many Life Sciences companies don’t have that time. Ultimately, this may delay the proper calibration and maintenance management of your assets, which could decrease productivity and possibly even jeopardize compliance.

We can help you with the implementation of Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager® (Blue Mountain RAM). We know the software and we can help you optimize it specific to your organization. Our Software Implementation Analysts can supplement your existing internal resources by performing or assisting with any step in the implementation process. Additionally, if you are on a short timeline, the depth of our resources significantly compresses the time required to complete implementation by performing certain steps in the process in parallel.

Implementation may include:

  • Site assessment: A structured review of current procedures and expectations establishes the framework for the rest of the project.
  • Project management: Coordination of activity and timeline, including people and resources provided by us, and interaction and resources required from your sites to minimize bottlenecks and maximize efficiency. We establish the framework for the project, including pilot site (if multi-site), validation plan, data migration plan, event timeline, goals and evaluation plans.
  • System SOP generation: We work with you, using existing calibration procedures as a starting point, to develop procedures on how and when interaction with Blue Mountain RAM takes place, to create the greatest fit between new procedures with your existing best practices.
  • Installation: The installation of the software on local and server computers, including in the test and production environments.
  • Configuration: Before implementation, we help you configure your system to more closely match your current and ideal procedures. The decisions made here will directly affect how much you get out of the software, which is then easily customized.
  • System blue printing: If you are implementing a calibration management system across multiple sites or diverse groups, we help synchronize and standardize procedures across those sites as necessary. The amount of standardization required will depend on the type of data sharing you want between sites. The user group blueprint is the output of these standardization discussions.
  • Training: Bringing users and managers up to speed quickly on the software can be done on site or through our regional training. In some cases it may make more sense to have one or two people trained who can then train the rest of your people and in other cases, it makes more sense to have an on-site training for all the users at once.
  • Report writing: While each software package does allow a great deal of flexibility in your own ability to develop new and custom reports, there are generally some reports that either are needed immediately upon implementation or are sophisticated enough to justify expert development. The number of reports developed at time of implementation naturally varies depending on your immediate needs.
  • Post assessment: We stay with you through the first day of actual use of the software and then have additional checkpoints weeks and months after the implementation. That way you continue to have extra resources available to respond to the unexpected and make sure that the final results meet or exceed expectations.

The result is an implementation solution that combines just the services you need so you can manage the calibration and maintenance of your assets as soon as possible.

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