Jim Erickson, President of Blue Mountain and Bill Clark, Manager, Facilities & Engineering at Dendreon to present at the SMRP Annual Conference

Jim Erickson, President of Blue Mountain Quality Resources, will be presenting “Driving GMP Process Reliability through Proper Maintenance and Calibration” at the SMRP Annual Conference on October 15th in Indianapolis, IN.  Bill Clark, Manager, Facilities & Engineering at Dendreon, will be co-presenting.

The presentation will explore the specific maintenance and calibration components of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) along with industry guides and standards.  Specific references will include 21 CFR Part 211, ISPE’s Maintenance Guide and NCSL’s RP 6 for Healthcare Metrology.  Also, Erickson and Clark will look at a sample of specific tools that can be used to drive process reliability while maintaining profitability.

Jim Erickson is President and CEO of Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc.  Every year Mr. Erickson presents to hundreds of people at numerous regional and International events. He has authored articles on calibration, software and GMP compliance.  His role at this firm provides constant contact with the many issues facing life sciences personnel, including remediating FDA 483’s, Warning Letters and Consent Decrees.

Bill Clark is a Facilities & Engineering Management professional focused on optimizing maintenance operations through value added activities and continual process improvement. He has demonstrated proficiency in commercial/clinical manufacturing and research & development through design, construction, startup, operations, and decommissioning within small to very large organizations.

About SMRP
SMRP is a nonprofit professional society formed by practitioners, with a mission to serve leaders and advancing Reliability and Physical Asset Management.

About Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc.
Blue Mountain Quality Resources is the leading developer of industry standard asset management products and services—designed exclusively for the life sciences industry. Founded in 1989, Blue Mountain offers a complete, integrated solution from set-up to installation and from training to validation for medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies of any size or scope, including multi-site enterprises. Visit coolblue.spacious.site for more information about our products and services.

For more information, call 814-234-2417 or email marketing@coolblue.com.

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