Blue Mountain Quality Resources Releases a New Version of Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager

Blue Mountain Quality Resources announces a new release of its Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager software, an EAM built specifically for GMP-compliant organizations.  This release provides new and enhanced features and functionality around document embedding, emails, reports, business rules and overall usability.

“Blue Mountain actively seeks customer feedback about our products and services,” said Jim Erickson, President of Blue Mountain. “This latest release offers the ability to embed files and documents directly into the system. Not only does this raise the bar for competitive systems, but also it allows calibration and maintenance professionals to do their job better and faster.”

Blue Mountain RAM’s document embedding capability lets users capture a document directly into the Blue Mountain RAM application rather than link to it.  These documents can include calibration certificates, images and much more. This is one of the most frequently user requested features.

The software’s application hyperlink functionality lets users link to an asset(s) from an email, as well as send an email from within Blue Mountain RAM with hyperlinks to particular assets.  This feature saves the user time with quick access – one “click” – to assets.

Another time saving feature is the availability of reports on individual workspaces within the application.  Users can configure their Blue Mountain RAM workspace to focus on tasks and information relevant to their role.  Now, within this workspace, a user can set-up reports necessary for their job.

Other enhancements include an advanced quick find with multi-level querying, the ability to compare the differences between two versions of a record with the audit viewer and additional business rule transition options and property states.

This release of Blue Mountain RAM now supports Internet Explorer 9.

About Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc. 
Blue Mountain Quality Resources sets the standard for regulatory asset management software and services in the Life Sciences industry. Their flagship EAM offering, Blue Mountain RAM, integrates functionality for the full cycle of maintenance operations with world-class calibration management. Founded in 1989, the firm offers solutions for Biotech, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies ranging from small startups to the Fortune 500.

For more information, call 814-234-2417 or email

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