Blue Mountain Quality Resources Offers Template-Based Solutions to Lower Costs and Speed Implementation

Blue Mountain Quality Resources announces two new offerings built on the Blue Mountain RAM platform. The Best Practices and Essentials templates are pre-configured EAM/CMMS solutions designed to speed implementation and reduce costs. Built around industry best practices and Blue Mountain’s 20 years of experience, each offers a full set of features and functionality in a pre-configured template. Along with the new templates are a suite of services designed to expedite implementation and validation.

“This is the perfect solution for companies with limited budgets who need to quickly launch an EAM or CMMS system. And because each template is designed around industry best practices, the system provides a great jumpstart toward full GMP compliance.” said Jim Erickson, President of Blue Mountain.

These template solutions complement Blue Mountain’s flagship solution that allows a custom configuration of Blue Mountain RAM to meet a firm’s exact specifications. With one common platform and multiple options for implementation, Blue Mountain RAM now addresses the needs and budget requirements of virtually every Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotech firm in the country.

About Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc. 
Blue Mountain Quality Resources sets the standard for regulatory asset management software and services in the Life Sciences industry. Their flagship EAM offering, Blue Mountain RAM, integrates functionality for the full cycle of maintenance operations with world-class calibration management. Founded in 1989, the firm offers solutions for Biotech, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies ranging from small startups to the Fortune 500.

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