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Best Practices Template is now Matterhorn

Since the inception of the R4 template internally we’ve codenamed the project Matterhorn. It’s a mission and name we have collectively unified around to drive a better experience and want to share that passion with all of you. Matterhorn is our preconfigured, prevalidated solution that offers scalable options for both Large and Small customers.  Our Workflows, Fields, Forms, and Rights reflect the Best Practices in the Life Sciences Industry that we have gathered through experience going back to the release of Calibration Manager in 1992.

Elevating the Standard

The Best Practices Template has been largely unchanged since the release in late 2020. Over the course of nearly 2 years of R4 implementations, we have gathered feedback from our customer base, as well as internal to Blue Mountain on how to enhance and improve the template that so many of our customers use.  We are proud to announce those updates to the Best Practices Template, sourced directly from user feedback, are right around the corner.

Request configuration of your system now!

With Matterhorn, there is a collection of updates that would require us to configure rights, workflows, or general access. In order to get started, access the self-service portal.

Find Out the New Features

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