Streamline Maintenance

Maintaining your manufacturing processes can be challenging, time consuming and expensive – especially when those processes must be GMP compliant.

Regardless of facility size, productivity is typically driven by efficient documentation, automation and high levels of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

There are more than 100 CMMSs that can manage maintenance and GMP equipment, but only Blue Mountain RAM was designed specifically for Life Sciences. Our system streamlines your maintenance documentation functions by combining traditional CMMS elements—equipment inventory, work management, purchasing, labor, spare parts—with robust workflow automation and electronic signatures. Implemented for hundreds of GMP users, Blue Mountain RAM configures to your best practices and supports your Maintenance Excellence programs. It gives you:

  • Increased manufacturing process and equipment reliability
  • Increased GMP compliance and productivity
  • A transition from corrective (reactive) to preventive (proactive) maintenance work
  • A robust framework for implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Integrated best-in-class calibration management functionality

Discover how Blue Mountain RAM can be configured to meet your unique maintenance (and calibration) needs. With a full suite of services, we can take you from Project Assessment to System Implementation in as little as 3 months.

Why Blue Mountain RAM?

Automate Maintenance Management

Create business process rules that automatically route work requests for approval, generate new work orders, and notify technicians of upcoming work.

Eliminate Paper

Embed SOPs, Manuals, Equipment Images and other asset information in RAM and view on a mobile device. Complete work plan templates in the field.

Enhance Storeroom Management and Labor Planning

Leverage RAM’s storeroom functionality to manage spare parts, re-order parts and track like-for-like parts. Built-in labor tracking features can be configured to project work costs and completion times.

Our Customers

We have set aggressive goals for Facilities and manufacturing equipment management, including the implementation of a more proactive Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) approach, Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager will enable us to meet our goals, harmonize all activity around equipment management in a single application and streamline processes while satisfying regulatory requirements.

Jeffrey Harstead
Facilities Manager,
Alexza Pharmaceuticals

Success Stories

Vericel Consolidates Maintenance and Calibration Systems

Customer Profile

Founded in 1989, Vericel Corporation (formerly Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.) is a leader in the biotech industry. Focused on the development of cellular therapies, one of the company’s products, ixmyelocel-T, treats severe cardiovascular disease using an autologous process that starts with the patient’s own bone marrow.

In their 5,000 sq. ft. facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Vericel leverages Blue Mountain RAM to manage the calibration and maintenance of their equipment. Prior to implementing Blue Mountain RAM, Vericel used Blue Mountain’s legacy product Calibration Manager.

Goals and Approach

Vericel’s Michigan facility discovered a need to upgrade Calibration Manager to Blue Mountain RAM and consolidate their maintenance and calibration systems. The company looked to achieve three main goals during the upgrade process:

  • Implement Blue Mountain RAM and provide user training on a fast track
  • Streamline current business processes and standard operating procedures
  • Evaluate and utilize new functionality available in Blue Mountain RAM

The Solution and Results

Blue Mountain worked with Vericel to successfully implement Blue Mountain RAM in as little as 3 months from project kickoff to go live. As a result of utilizing Blue Mountain RAM as both a maintenance and calibration program, Vericel gained several significant benefits including:

  • Overall Improved Productivity – By utilizing functionality inherent in Blue Mountain RAM such as user workspaces, Vericel was able to increase technician productivity.
  • Improved Processes – During the implementation, Vericel assessed their current business processes and standard operating procedures and altered them in order to streamline work.
  • On-Going Increases in Return on Investment – Vericel plans to utilize additional functionality of Blue Mountain RAM over time which will increase their ROI and continue to improve productivity. In the future, Vericel looks to rollout additional work order features such as spare parts tracking and work requests.
Pharma Research Organization capitalizes on Pre-configured solution

Customer Profile

This newly developed single-site laboratory focuses on scientific discoveries in regenerative medicine. This organization understood the importance of managing their critical & non-critical assets in a way that reflected their overall attitude towards operational cleanliness, compliance and facility management. An opportunity to begin managing assets without relying on paper and spreadsheets was a driving factor in the decision to purchase Blue Mountain RAM. The idea of putting a validated and paperless Part 11 compliant software application to use was well received by management and end users alike.

Goal and Approach

Most important to this customer was a solution that could be implemented with minimal effort but still grow and expand over time. The customer was able to capitalize on a pre-built configuration that also allowed a large number of template reports to work with/without alteration. These reports provide indicators and metrics relevant to the work performed, actively being performed and already performed.

Blue Mountain assisted with the implementation and the software is installed, configured and validated on local servers. This customer’s instance requires little to no daily system maintenance aside from adding/removing users, modifying queries, etc. At the moment, a few hundred assets reside within their database. A few users access the application on a regular basis.  

The Solution and Results

Since implementation, the number of assets has grown significantly.  The single concurrent user license was recently increased to five users. Because of Blue Mountain RAM, this customer has been able to begin laboratory operations with a best-in-class asset management solution designed specifically for the Life Science industry. Their ability to manage relationships between equipment, work to be performed, ad-hoc work and export data to make valuable business decisions ensures their return on investment has already begun.

Compliance is also a non-issue. Blue Mountain RAM allows users to query data and open appropriate records on demand, which is extremely helpful in audit situations.

Everything You Need to Know About Maintenance

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A common question Blue Mountain's Technical Support is asked is, “Can I print my Work Plan Template steps?” The answer is yes. Did you know that Blue Mountain RAM queries can be exported to Microsoft Excel, formatted for appearance, and then printed? This is one example ...

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Discover how RAM can be configured to meet your unique maintenance needs.