World-Class Calibration

Managing calibration is a complex and critical process for every Life Sciences manufacturer.

Bringing together the skills, training, instrumentation, standards and measurement data you need to accomplish your job is critical.

Your calibration processes need to be automated, streamlined and reliable. And, they should help you make better decisions related to process tolerances, calibration intervals and proper instrument application.

No one in the Life Sciences industry is better suited to meet your calibration management requirements than Blue Mountain Quality Resources. We set the pace for GMP compliance in 1992 when we introduced Calibration Manager. With the introduction of Blue Mountain RAM, our best-in-class functionality is now integrated into a system that’s highly configurable, flexible, easy to use and cost effective.

Implementing Blue Mountain RAM allows you to create an entirely new program or optimize your existing one. In the end, you’ll put industry best practices in place and meet your specific GMP calibration requirements. From a calibration perspective, Blue Mountain RAM offers:

  • Increased productivity with paperless calibrations
  • Increased workflow with configurable work rules
  • Increased compliance though automation of routine tasks
  • Functionality proven by thousands of users
  • Project assessment, configuration, validation and training
  • Fast return on investment

Discover how Blue Mountain RAM can be configured to meet your unique calibration (and maintenance) needs. With a full suite of services, we can take you from Project Assessment to System Implementation in as little as 3 months.

Why Blue Mountain RAM?

Perform Paperless Calibrations

Leverage measurement data templates, measurement uncertainty calculators and multi-level tolerances inside of RAM on laptops or tablets.

Leverage Sophisticated Standards Management

Track standards on calibration work, view reverse traceability reports, and share standards globally across facilities in your organization.

Automate Out of Tolerance and Failure Notifications

Trigger notifications and state changes for equipment that fails calibration work and follow up with corrective action.

Our Customers

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen controls and compliance while reducing manual paper processes. Your ability to understand our Customer needs and formulate RAM from workflows was outstanding.

Vice President,
Life Science Calibration Company

Success Stories

Contract Calibration Company Implements Paperless Calibration Program
Customer Profile

PCI, a nationally recognized contract calibration service company with more than 10,000 assets and over 75 engineers and technicians on staff wanted to transition to a paperless environment that would be scalable to future satellite service centers as the company grows. In addition to calibration services this firm also offers other solutions including maintenance program administration service for FDA regulated companies. After evaluating several software options, including Maximo, SAP PM, and Datastream products, Blue Mountain’s Regulatory Asset Manager software was chosen.

Goals and Approach

The goal was to implement a new in-house maintenance & calibration program to address business changes, provide tighter control over their internal calibration and inspection processes and compliance, and better manage their costs. Future plans include providing interfacing the software with the accounting system.

The Solution and Results

The company has successfully implemented a paperless calibration management program using Blue Mountain RAM. The software has allowed them to accomplish their pre-implementation goals and objectives:

  • Improved management of asset information via paperless change control processes
  • Improved instrument availability via faster calibration turnaround times; for both internal test equipment and for customer instruments
  • Better planning and scheduling for the department and the instrument owners has improved operations and productivity
  • Quick access to business information has improved critical decision making
  • Automated metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Full integration with the exiting web-base accounting system (Sage’s MAS500 software) which allowed for customer invoicing upon work order completion

Everything You Need to Know About Calibration

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A common question Blue Mountain's Technical Support is asked is, “Can I print my Work Plan Template steps?” The answer is yes. Did you know that Blue Mountain RAM queries can be exported to Microsoft Excel, formatted for appearance, and then printed? This is one example ...

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Discover how RAM can be configured to meet your unique calibration needs.