What’s New in R3?

Blue Mountain RAM R3 is now in its third service release. Based on hundreds of users’ input and years of use, R3 has continuously evolved to meet the needs of FDA regulated Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device firms.

We heard you wanted even more GMP functionality like work plans to capture detailed maintenance results, an integrated inventory and purchasing system to contain costs, enhanced calibration measurements and an even better workflow management tool. Now you have it, plus it’s easy to use and Part 11 compliant.

Now, Blue Mountain RAM has been built into a full-fledged Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system while maintaining its position as a best in class calibration system. With integrated functionality for asset management, the system streamlines your processes and reduces costs across your enterprise.

We built out several key areas to upgrade and enhance your organization’s performance:

Maintenance Management

  • Integrated Purchasing System
  • Integrated Storeroom Management
  • Work Plans for GMP data collection with pass/fail criteria

Calibration Management

  • Measurement Uncertainty Calculator
  • More Measurement Data Options
  • Additional Loop and System Calibrations
  • Global Standards – share standards across multiple sites

Business Process Control – Workflow

  • Rule Engine – with branching and more levels of control
  • A flexible GMP Request System
  • Additional transition options and state properties to, even better, match your business processes


  • Go paperless and improve compliance
  • Reduce data inaccuracies and errors
  • Use on Apple iPads and Windows Tablets


  • Configurable Workspaces – get your people working quickly
  • Configurable Forms – move fields where you want them
  • Smart Fields – to reduce data entry and ensure compliance
  • Application Hyperlinks – easy access to opening a record from within an email
  • Reports – access reports right from a Workspace
  • Web Farms – create high availability and network load balancing inside of Blue Mountain RAM

Document Embedding

  • Capture a document directly in a database as part of the application
  • Documents can include calibration certificates, pictures and more

5 Minute RAM Demo