Implementation Options

You can custom configure the system to get exactly what you want or use one of our templates for an expedited solution built on industry best practices.

It’s a classic business decision. Do I customize a solution to my exact specifications or choose a template that gets me most of the way there? Fortunately, Blue Mountain gives you both options.

  • Custom Configuration – Here you have all the options. Implement the system exactly as you want. Customize it to your business processes and environment. This is ideal for a well-established organization with a definitive set of policies and procedures already in place. Of course, this takes a bit more time and effort – but in the end you get a system configured to maximize productivity in your world.
  • Best Practices Template – This template is built on the best practices derived from hundreds of client projects and the requirements for GMP in Life Sciences. This feature rich pre-configuration covers the complete asset life cycle for maintenance and calibration used by most companies. This works well for firms who want to leverage industry best practices to jumpstart their operations. Because it’s pre-configured, this is a faster solution to implement with lower costs than the Custom Configuration.

5 Minute RAM Demo

Our Customers

It doesn’t matter how good your product is if you cannot support it with good knowledgeable people who are willing to go out of their way to work with the clients. Your Blue Mountain engineers have been excellent in responding to our needs and concerns throughout the process, and most importantly as we finalized items for roll-out.

Project Manager,
Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organization