Blue Mountain RAM eLearning

Computer-based training that streamlines and aids the training of your personnel.

User training is critical to GMP compliance. Individuals responsible for managing the maintenance and calibration of assets must be properly trained. Blue Mountain RAM eLearning provides high quality training that enables users to familiarize themselves with Blue Mountain RAM and their individual roles in the use of the application.

Blue Mountain RAM eLearning is available in two forms:

  • Blue Mountain RAM Functionality eLearning – pre-packaged, computer-based training that covers general functionality of Blue Mountain RAM
  • Blue Mountain RAM Process eLearning – computer-based training that is customized around your workflows in Blue Mountain RAM

What’s Included

  • Lessons organized by functionality type
  • Short video demos
  • Short quizzes that provide users with immediate feedback
  • Graded summative tests covering all learning objectives stated in the unit
  • Hosted by Blue Mountain and can be used by many users across an organization

With Blue Mountain RAM eLearning, you can satisfy requirements for training, while increasing your organization’s productivity and profitability.

2 Minute eLearning Overview

Our Customers

Your software field engineer was exceptional and did a very good job of getting us familiar with how to configure the application, I would recommend her to anyone.

Enterprise Application Manager,
Biotech Manufacturer