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Live Webinars

  • Transitioning to Blue Mountain RAM from Calibration Manager

    April 28, 2015

    With the sunset phase of Calibration Manager 4x beginning, this webinar is designed for those customers looking for more information on their upgrade options to Blue Mountain RAM.

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  • Building the Business Case for Blue Mountain RAM

    May 26, 2015

    Building a business case for a new asset management system is critical to the success of your project. Blue Mountain has worked with hundreds of customers to plan, implement and demonstrate the benefits of automating and streamlining calibration and maintenance processes.

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Recorded Webinars

The recorded web demos are not compatible with mobile devices.

  • Driving Down Enterprise Compliance Costs with EAM

    Enterprise-wide (or multisite) asset management software is in growing demand in the Life Sciences industry. Companies and management desire a corporate view of their facilities in order to drive efficiencies and to meet several new demands.

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  • Going Mobile Drives Paperless

    Several significant industry trends are driving the adoption of mobile devices and paperless environments. With these trends, many companies are looking at what it takes to go paperless and what it means to go mobile in their facility.

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  • Blue Mountain RAM for Contract Manufacturers

    Contract Manufacturers create products for many customers, each with unique requirements. Their customers expect them to deliver the highest quality products while maintaining compliance, reducing costs and keeping tracking of equipment.

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  • CMMS Best Practices for Life Sciences

    In working with hundreds of customers throughout the year, we have seen the challenges impacting the Life Science Industry - the economy, FDA enforcement activity, patents, etc. Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device are having to find ways to make adjustments and do things better, faster and cheaper. The question is - what are those "ways" or "Best Practices"?

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  • Leveraging Technology for Maintenance and Calibration: Going Paperless

    Several factors have recently come together to make going paperless a realistic investment for many companies. Today, the components of paperless systems are widely available which opens the door to low cost paperless implementations and all of the associated productivity and cost saving benefits.

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  • Impact of FDA Trends on Maintenance

    It's hard to think that GMP enforcement could get any tougher, but we believe it will. This webinar provides an overview of the FDA's recent and projected strong enforcement activities including High Impact Warning Letters, 483's and Consent Decrees. We'll also touch on the unique compliance concerns of Medical Device, Biotech and Pharma companies. Finally, we'll discuss how these enforcement and compliance challenges affect a company's maintenance activities and procedures and they can help you build the case for greater investment in GMP systems.

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  • Using Industry Trends to Justify GMP Investment

    At a macro level, business spending is on the rise and companies are expected to put their excess cash to work during the second half of 2013. Expectations for the pharmaceutical industry include an uptick in M&A activity with companies focusing on new products/services, improving operational efficiency and expansion in current markets. This webinar will provide a broad overview of industry trends and specific discussion of how these trends can help you make the business case for increasing the budget for GMP systems.

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