Building the Business Case

Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager can have a profound and positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Our solutions are proven to add to profitability by reducing costs, increasing throughput and decreasing risk of regulatory citation and penalties.

Building a business case for a new system is critical to the success of your project. Blue Mountain has worked with hundreds of customers to plan, implement and demonstrate the benefits of automating and streamlining your calibration and maintenance processes. Below are just some of the many ways Blue Mountain RAM has generated a fast Return On Investment (ROI).

Improved Product Quality

  • Less Process Variability
  • Increased Tolerances at lower costs
  • Fewer Out Of Tolerance Events
  • Reduced Scrap and Rework
  • Reduced Product Cost
  • Improved Market Competitiveness

Increased Productivity

  • Ability to go “Paperless”
  • Reduced Time to Plan and Execute Work
  • Auto-Generate Performance Metrics to Management
  • Automation of “Document” Routing
  • Automation of Electronic Notifications
  • Reduced Time to Review & Approve Records
  • Eliminate the filing , retrieval, and loss of paper records

Reduced Equipment Downtime

  • Execute Calibrations & PM During Planned Downtimes
  • Schedule Work Sequentially
  • Reduce Equipment Failure
  • Reduce Number of Corrective Events – Impacts Production Output & Product Quality
  • Reduce Cost of Repairs
  • Reduce Costly Internal Disruptions

Reduced Calibration & Maintenance Service Costs

  • Track and reduce Contract Service Costs
  • Reduce Warranty Costs
  • Reduce Vendor Management Effort
  • Analyze and Compare Vendor Performance
  • Evaluate Cost Effectiveness of Out-Sourcing

Reduced IT Costs

  • Consolidate Asset Management Systems
  • Reduce Implementations & Validation Costs with Web Based Systems
  • Reduced IT Hardware Costs & Associated Maintenance
  • Reduce IT Management Requirements
  • Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership by Implementing at Enterprise Level