Benefits of Customer Visits

In this day and age, a vendor’s interactions with customers occur mostly via phone, email and internet. Technologies such as web conferencing allow us to effectively communicate product and service information to customers like never before. Despite these technologies, there is still tremendous benefit from in-person visits. This is why we regularly schedule customer visits throughout the year.

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Building Queries In Blue Mountain RAM, Part 2

You’re Not The Only One Looking For A Date…

Almost everyone at some point likes to find a date. I do. You? In fact, when I am in Blue Mountain RAM, I like to find lots of them. What? What did you think I was talking about? Anyway… the following are examples of pairs of criteria statements you can use in Blue Mountain RAM’s Query Designer to find different date ranges of information. The Asset Schedule’s Due Date…

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Going Native

Blue Mountain team members are passionate about their work; however, they also enjoy getting away from the monitors and keyboards to take on alter egos.

Our alter egos become part of the community around us. We dig in the dirt, paint historic mansions, assist in art festivals, cheer on athletes and become experts in toy wrapping.

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