As the first day of the Blue Mountain Summit 2015 comes to a close, we are excited to reflect back on the presentations, interactions, and enthusiasm among all those in attendance.  



The participation among our attendees generated a positive and rewarding energy throughout the day. Both customers and employees were eager to learn and share personal experiences of our Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (BMRAM). Today’s discussions centered on our customers’ unique points of view. We engaged in conversations about the lessons learned throughout the implementation processes, including the RAM Best Practices Template and the implementation of multisites, as well as the processes for OOT investigations. A few employees also held mini-workshops regarding the reasons for upgrading to BMRAM and the how-tos for monitoring efficiency and analyzing costs with reports.


The day concluded with our customer appreciation dinner, where we were joined by Emily Whitehead and her family to honor Emily’s achievement in her fight to beat cancer and present our corporate donation to the Emily Whitehead Foundation.