This spring, I’ve presented to over 150 industry professionals through events by ISPE, NCSL and Blue Mountain and have had interesting conversations with many of you.  The recurring theme of our conversations is that not only is the FDA raising the bar on GMP enforcement but that industry in turn is stepping up its owns effort to better comply.

Being in the industry for many years, I’ve witnessed other cycles of increased enforcement and in most cases technology has been used to increase compliance while also increasing productivity.  Today is no different and in the world of GMP Maintenance and Calibration, CMMS technology is changing again to accommodate the requirements of the industry.

In the past few years tremendous strides have been made in understanding the role new CMMS technology plays in containing costs in today’s new regulated environment.  These key changes to include:

  • Building systems around the specific requirements of Life Sciences
  • Web-based architectures for faster, easier deployment
  • The ability to quickly implement across multiple sites
  • Integration of wireless field devices to improve productivity
  • Enhancing compliance by building in Part 11 work flows

Our latest Clear Blue Insight builds a pretty compelling case for investing in technology for GMP compliance. You can download a copy here – no strings attached.