I had the opportunity to attend the Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals Pharma & Biotech Special Interest Group’s kickoff event in Indianapolis last week. By the turn out of around 50 people it looks like this group already has some traction. For those not familiar with the Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals Group (SMRP) it’s worth checking out.

The Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry is being lead by Marie Getsug of Commissioning Agents, Inc. who did an outstanding job of organizing the conference. There were 3 good presentations on Reliability Centered Maintenance; Energy, Asset Care and Reliability and Lean Maintenance – all in the context of Life Science manufacturing. Also interesting to note were 6 key areas that the group posted as future topic areas. These include:

  • Commissioning &Qualification links to Maintenance &Reliability
  • Failure Modes Effects & Criticality Analyses (FMEA) & Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • OEM Requirements
  • Maintenance (CMMS & Reliability)Software Specific Requirements
  • Work Management
  • Benchmarking

As the industry strives to maintain compliance while reducing costs, events and organizations like SMRP will play a key role in enabling professionals to share expertise and to learn from others. I hope you will consider participating. For more information on the group contact SMRP or myself here at Blue Mountain.