Did you know about… Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager’s timesaving Add Similar functionality?

“Add Similar” commands enable you to quickly copy an object, edit it and save it with a new name. This saves enormous time compared to creating every object manually.

Objects you can apply Add Similar commands to, in Blue Mountain RAM:

  • Assets
  • Inventory Parts and Like-For-Like Parts
  • Manufacturing Processes and Lots
  • Measurement Data Templates
  • Personnel
  • Purchase Orders
  • UDARTS (User Defined Asset Record Type)
  • Work Plan Templates

System Configuration Settings that impact Add Similar behavior:

Form Setup – If you open a field’s Field Properties Window, an Add Similar Checkbox enables you to include or exclude that field’s data when an Add Similar Command is applied.

  • Site Scope Record Types: Sites > YourSite > Form Setup
  • Dataset Group Scope Record Types: Sites > YourSite > Dataset Groups > YourDatasetGroup > Form Setup

Objects you can apply Add Similar commands to, in System Configuration:

  • Sites (For Multisite licenses)
  • Dataset Groups
  • Datasets
  • Groups
  • Rules

For detailed information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of the
manual PDFs.