Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (Blue Mountain RAM) continuously audits what users do in the system. This auditing cannot be turned off, however, there is an optional rule setting that turns off the prompt for users to “Please enter a reason for this record edit.” This setting is identified as “Suppress Audit Reason Collection” in the Rule Builder.

As a result of applying the “Suppress Audit Reason Collection” setting, a user reason is not collected and there is no reason displayed in the Audit Trail. The action, who performed the action, and when the action was performed is audited.



If the “Suppress Audit Reason Collection” setting sounds useful for speeding up certain activities in Blue Mountain RAM, you can apply it to the rule of any record type. Within the Rule Builder, this setting is applied on a per record status basis, under “States” > “Properties” > “Suppress Audit Reason Collection.”

Be sure to discuss all changes with your Validation and/or Quality department. We strongly advise testing changes in a non-production environment to ensure you are pleased with the result.

When you have questions, consult Blue Mountain RAM User and Administrator Manuals. As needed, contact our friendly Support Technicians at with questions. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM ideas, training, or services.