Here are 3 hacks to use with Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (Blue Mountain RAM).

1. Change which query you initially see in the NEW > WORK window

When you open Blue Mountain RAM’s NEW menu and select WORK, you see the Asset Selection panel to identify which asset will own the work you are adding. Sometimes, you have to click the Choose Query button and select a different query in order to find the right asset. If you do this query changing a lot, this hack might be great for you! The initial query displayed by the Asset Selection panel is the first title in your alphabetical list of All Assets queries. Make sure the query you wish to see first has a name that is alphabetically first and it will be the initial query displayed.

2. Selecting Records to be in a Batch Report, a Batch Update, an Export, etc.

This hack includes keyboard shortcuts for selecting records and refreshing the current window.

  • Depress CTRL+A – Selects all records visible on the current page.
  • Depress CTRL key while selecting records – Includes non-adjacent records in the selection.
  • Select first record, then depress SHIFT key while selecting second record – Selects the first and second record and all records in between the two.
  • Depress F5 key – Refreshes the current window.

3. Use the keyboard combination of CTRL+F to “Find” text in the current window.

Because Blue Mountain RAM is browser-based, you can use the browser’s Ctrl+F command to open a “Find” toolbar or panel. This is handy for windows without a QuickFind button and for speedy “look for this anywhere on the page” searches. Here are examples:

Example #1: What and where are the Dataset Rights related to Calibration?

Example #2: Where are my “Mail” settings? I have to update the Mail Profile name.

Example #3: What transmitters are in this System Hierarchy?

Example #4: I want to make it easy to spot “Oxygen” in my assets’ Display Descriptions.

Whenever you have questions, consult your Blue Mountain RAM User and Administrator Manuals. If necessary, please contact our friendly Support Technicians at with questions. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM training or services.